Linking (faking) a folder into OneDrive

In my case, I have a folder (“2015” in Pictures) which in a different partition. Installed OneDrive app, and I don’t want to “move” the “2015” folder into “OneDrivePictures” as it will increase my C: drive usage.

So, here is how I did, basically it’s like “faking” a folder in “OneDrivePictures”

Syntax: mklink [[/d] | [/h] | [/j]] <Link> <Target>


Link — “C:UsersHilmanOneDrivePictures2015-link”

Target — “D:Pictures2015”

  1. Run a CMD as Administrator
  2. Type “mklink /j “C:UsersHilmanOneDrivePictures2015-link” “D:Pictures2015”
  3. A folder (fake) with name “2015-link” will be created in “C:UsersHilmanOneDrivePictures”, thus will be sync into OneDrive online — You may notice the folder will look like a shortcut icon

What happen then? Well, whenever I saved a photo into “2015-link” folder it will actually save it into “D:Pictures2015″… and vise versa. Of course, it will not increase my C: drive usage.

For more info about MKLINK parameters, click this.


  1. Do not create the folder in Link, instead create it in CMD prompt. Otherwise, an error will appears saying “Cannot create a file when that file already exists.

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