facebook tiled album – how to do it?

hi! first of all, i’d like to say thank you to bro Hanafi Ishak a.k.a Nuppy (one of my inspired photographer from sifoo.com) for inspiring me with a creative idea to kick-off to this post. its quite tricky but would be easy if your math is good:-)…. honestly, im not really sure how he did the tiled album and where he got that such a brilliant idea… but based on my experiments, it should be like these:

1) what you need? any imaging software that support for slicing tool… in my case, i used Adobe Photoshop…

2) what image? any image and the width should be longer than or exactly 720px… we going to re-size it anyway πŸ™‚ see more details below…

lets start…

  • as i mentioned just now the image width should be longer than 720px or exactly. just in case if longer than 720px, then re-size the width to 720px… got it? nevermind…
  • make sure the height is 140px complete (at least) if you trying to make it 1 row album… lets say if you want it to be 3 rows, than the height should be 420px (140px X 3)… you can use either crop or re-size canvas…

see it in action…


Author: Hilman

I'm a dad! :-)

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